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HT-50   HT-502   HT-2004  
Standard Specifications
Model Name HT-50 HT-50
Main Operating Motor 1.5KW
Band Knife 0.75KW
Folding Speed 0~700EA/min (variable frequency)
Voltage Three-phase 220V or 330V, single-phase 50/60Hz
Consumed Power 2.5KW
Weight 950kg
Dimensions Length-3,800mm, Width-1,000mm, Height-1,600mm
Basic Specification Band knife, five automatic safety device spots, knife-grinding device
Optional Specifications Embossing device, printing device
Features and Advantages
This equipment is created to promote convenient and safe operation.
The speed automatically decreases if the amount of fabric decreases.
It is equipped with an automatic-stopping device for fabric-incision and roll-change.
An automatic stopping device is attached for cases where the feed roll gets jammed.
If the product gets stuck on the holding bars, then it will automatically stop.
An operating cam is installed below to prevent the falling of metallic objects.
Applicable products: Tissue for folding fabric for water towel use.
671-1, Yoonwoi-ri, Byeop-Su-myeon, Hamahn-gun, Gyeongnam, Korea
TEL +82-55-583-1144  FAX +82-55-583-1191

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