For 15yrs, Hitt Industry has grown up as leading manufacturer in wet tissue, clean towel, cleaning wipes and wet towel machine. One of hygiene ../products is sanitary nonwoven dishcloth generally used for kitchen, nonwoven for cleaning kitchen dirt, home cleaning and sanitary product for bathroom & bidet. In case of nursing products is sanitary wet tissue, it is suitable for the aged and infirm, and pregnant woman. Also portable & multipurpose nonwoven for cleaning water purifier, leisure or sports activities is available. Hitt Industry is specializing in nonwoven wipes products include kitchen wipes, paper towel, tissue paper and nonwoven roll goods. As reliable exporter in hygienic products, our core business is based on wet towel dispenser, wet tissue dispenser.


Wet Towel Dispenser
A new concept of Wet Towel Dispenser that provides hygienic, convenient and economic non woven fabric towel, which is produced on the spot.
Water Towel Dispenser / Fabric Producing Area / Production Facilities Area

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