Hitt Industry is specializing in nonwoven wipes products include kitchen wipes, paper towel, tissue paper nonwoven roll goodsand household cleaning wipes. As reliable exporter in hygienic products, our core business is based on wet towel dispenser, wet tissue dispenser and wet towel machine..

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    Used For

1. Used mainly as dish towel for kitchens.
2. Used for packaging purposes for storing foods and fish in the freezer/refrigerator.
3. Used for removing oil when preparing and storing fried foods.

4. Used for removing moisture of the food or squeezing the liquid from fruits.
5. After multiple-usage, it can be used for cleaning accumulated dirt on stoves, sinks, microwaves etc.


1. It is not made of paper, so allowing re-use of approximately 10~12 times.
2. It is disposed of after repeated use, which makes it hygienic and clean.
3. It is made of natural materials, allowing it to be used safely.

4. Contrary to the previous “paper kitchen towels,?it is made of fabric, which provides toughness as well as      smoothness.
5. Embossing increases the sense of depth and helps the cleaning process.
6. Only a small amount of ash is left after burning, and it is made of environment-friendly material.

Roll Type
Big size 480mm x 240mm(±5mm)
Number of sheets: 50EA/Roll
- It is dotted, which makes it tool-free when it comes to cutting it.
- Some products come in various sizes for customer selection.
Case Type
Practical size 235mm x 240mm (?mm)
Number of sheets : 50EA/case
It is of a practical size, helping reduce unnecessary areas.
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