Hitt Industry is specializing in nonwoven wipes products include kitchen wipes, paper towel, tissue paper nonwoven roll goodsand household cleaning wipes. As reliable exporter in hygienic products, our core business is based on wet towel dispenser, wet tissue dispenser and wet towel machine..


Wet Towel Dispenser
Wet Towel Dispenser
Green Towel
Hygienic Dish Towel Fabric
Hygienic Dish Towel Fabric
Cham Jo Eun Wet Towel
Cham Jo Eun Wet Towel
Clean Dry Type
Multi Purpose Dry Type


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Size & Number of sheets

Product Information
  1. 1. It does not tear easily and it is soft with the use of non-woven fabric manufactured by new technology that has
         got a patent.
  2. 2. It can be used diversely in dry state or wet state according to the use with excellent absorbency, good scrub
  3. 3. It is hygienic and convenient when you clean home sanitary equipments such as water purifi er, air cleaner,
         humidifi er and bidets and so on.
  4. 4. Portable use for an outing and travels.
  5. 5. This can reduce needless waste by using one by one sheet.