Hitt Industry is specializing in nonwoven wipes products include kitchen wipes, paper towel, tissue paper nonwoven roll goodsand household cleaning wipes. As reliable exporter in hygienic products, our core business is based on wet towel dispenser, wet tissue dispenser and wet towel machine..

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Wet Towel Dispenser HT1005
Wet Towel Dispenser HT1005
  A new concept wet towel dispenser that provides hygienic, convenient, and economic fabric wet towel in a natural material that can be used at home or in restaurants.
1. It is a digital-type, which provides with convenient operation.
2. With the one-touch method, the desired quantity can be produced, and the product is not exposed to      secondary contamination from the outside.
3. It is made with natural materials, capable of instantly producing soft wet tissue, and the used wet tissue do     not cause pollution when discarded.
4. With Auto Producing System, the quantity of product can be selected easily, and the length of the tissue can    be freely adjusted.
5. Cold & Hot feature allows the use of warm wet tissue during the winter.
6. Water is sprayed only during operation, providing excellent hygiene.
Alarm - Displays no water, no tissue, blade error notification, and over-heating notification of the heater for safety and convenience.
Cold & Hot - The internal heater supplies heated water at approximately 60C, to warm up the tissue to about 40C.
Quantity Control - Quantity can be adjusted according to the mark and precise adjustments can be operated conveniently by digital method.
Tissue Length Adjustment - Tissue length can be precisely controlled in the unit of 2cm in the range of 16-34cm.
Tissue Jam Prevention - Guide roller has been installed on the tissu supplying device for the smooth supply of the tissue.
Safety - When the heater is over-heating, the power is automatically cut off to maintain the unit within normal temperature.
Components Protection - It is equipped with an operative component protection feature for extension of product durability.
Sterilization - UV lamp(optional) and sterilizing water tank improve the sterilization feature.
Food Businesses - Various eating spots, family restaurants, fast food chains etc.
Health Businesses - Leisure & Sports centers, health clubs, golf courses, hospitals etc.
Business Locations - Gas stations, resting complexes, training institutes, casinos, hair salons, hotels etc.
Other ?Cyber cafes, kindergartens, schools, academies, libraries etc.
Dimensions: 229(W)*523(D)*453(H)
Weight: 12.5kg
Power: AC 220V 60Hz
Loading Type: ONE ROLL TYPE (Cotton towel - 100-150EA)
Carrying Method: Automatic transfer conveyor method / he highest discharge speed in Korea
Spraying Type: Forced pump spray
Display LEDs: Digital counter (2 digits), towel supplementation, warm water
Features: warm water feature, water adjustment feature, drainage and cleaning feature
671-1, Yoonwoi-ri, Byeop-Su-myeon, Hamahn-gun, Gyeongnam, Korea
TEL +82-55-583-1144  FAX +82-55-583-1191

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