Hitt Industry is specializing in nonwoven wipes products include kitchen wipes, paper towel, tissue paper nonwoven roll goodsand household cleaning wipes. As reliable exporter in hygienic products, our core business is based on wet towel dispenser, wet tissue dispenser and wet towel machine..

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HTW - Green Towels

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Model Name HTW 03~10  
Manufactured Products Green Towels
Units in Possession 8 Units
Production Capacity (daily basis) 16,000 R/L (40FT 1CON)
Features 1. Application of tension adjustment and mutual-assistance system produces stably the quality product in production.
2. Folding system is installed.
3. Slitting is used to abreast to produce two units at each operation, holding double/triple production capacity compared with other firms.
671-1, Yoonwoi-ri, Byeop-Su-myeon, Hamahn-gun, Gyeongnam, Korea
TEL +82-55-583-1144  FAX +82-55-583-1191

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